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  Members Of SDJ
Posted by *SuperDuper* @ Thu Aug 24, 2006 4:50 pm
*Long Live SDJ*

Jedi Clan Record- 65-3
Conquest Clan Record- 35-3
Total Clan Record 100-6

Super's personal 1on1 record- 271-12

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  Everything you need to know about SDJ
Posted by *SuperDuper* @ Fri Jul 07, 2006 9:12 pm

Basic Info
~8 members max.
~3 council members.
~We are an assualt clan and a conquest clan.
~No pulling/glitching or you will be booted without notice.
~Clan name means SuperDuperJedi

~Sith Lord, Sith, Apprentice, Youngling. (Greatest to least) [Jedi]
~General, Colonel, Lieutenant, & Private. (Greatest to least) [Conquest]
~To get in the clan you must beat an existing member; if the roster is full.
~If the roster isn't full you must get Approval of ALL the Sith Lords to get in.
~To do so you must get at least 4 kills on *SuperDuper*, at least 5 kills on Fear, & at least 6 kills on the remaining Sith Lord.
~First to 10 on one side switch sides then first to 10 there best combined score wins.
~If a clan member loses he must wait three days before challenging again.
~If the clan memeber lose hes must change his SDJ name.
~When you make the clan you are ranked a Youngling/Private.
~In order to move up to the rank of an Apprentice/ Lieutenant you must be in the clan for at least one month (30 days) and be chosen by a Sith Lord/General to become their Apprentice/Lieutenant. (You are now an Apprentice/Lieutenant Rank)
~The Sith Lord/General will train you in time and when he thinks you are at a great skill level he will present you infront of the Sith Lord Council. If ALL of the Sith Lord Council agrees you are ready, then you move up to the rank of Sith/Colonel. (You are now a Sith/Colonel Rank)
~In order for you to move up to a Sith lord/General you must beat the other Sith Lord/General, Not SuperDuper or Fear
~You must be the top ranked Sith/Colonel in order to challenge the Sith Lord/General. All Siths/Colonels are ranked weekly.
~Every week a Sith/Colonel will challenge a Sith Lord/General for the Council spot. This is a mandatory tournament amoust SDJ,.
~If you do beat the Sith Lord/General they move down to the rank of Sith/Colonel & you move up to the rank of Sith Lord/General.
~The council has final say over every desicion.
~The council is open to suggestions.

What You Should Expect
~All members are required to play with the clan at least 5 times a week; but we are leant & understanding.
~If you miss 2 days without telling the council you aren't gonna be at practice you are then downed a rank, if you contuine not to attend practice then you will be booted out of SDJ.
~Please tell us if you cannot make practice by telling us in the shout box or talking to one of the Sith Lord/General Council members.
~We expect you to play with all of SDJ when we are online. If we are off; however, feel free to play amoust other people online.
~DO NOT accept any challenges or sign up for any touraments without the approval of the Sith Lord Council.
~All members should be respectful, polite, & dedicated to this clan & to all it's members.
~Don't clog the mic with all your pointless talk. (We don't wanna hear what your dog is chewing on)
~Must have a mic to be in this clan.

One on One Rules for Jedi in SDJ
First to 10 on each side best combined score wins.
No pullers
Shooters are allowed
No glitching
No killing yourself

One on One Rules for Conquest in SDJ
To challenge you must play best 2 out of 3 maps.
You are able to challenge only the person infront of you every 3 days.
First map- Utahpal play out in the open first to 10 kills. Winner picks side on Death Star.
Second map- Death Star first to 3 flag captures. Winner picks side on Corusant.
Third map- Tantive 4 Conquest. Take over all bases or reduce enemy renforcements to zero.

(*NOTE* all rules can be changed by the Sith Lord Council)

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